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What to Buy your Boyfriend for Christmas this Year

Trying to figure out what to buy your boyfriend for Christmas this year? If you’ve taken a trip to any retail outlet recently, you might have noticed the holidays are slowly creeping up on us. Halloween is already in full swing at some stores and Christmas is not waiting far behind. That means it’s never too early to start trying to come up with great gifts for the special man in your life. Below we’ve got several Christmas gift ideas for the boyfriend in your life, whether he be easy to please or the hardest person to shop for!


White Walker Men’s LED Sneakers (USB Charging)

The Days have come were Trending Fashion can be limited by the Stars which means nothing is too edgy to buy these days. Call it retro, call it futuristic. But what you cant call it, is unfashionable. Introducing the New Sportage Sneakers of 2016. Check them out here.

Ice Cube Tray

If your boyfriend is the drink savvy, swanky type, then you might want to look into some high quality bar and cocktail accessories. This Giant 2-inch ice cube tray is perfect for crafting ice cubes for an elegant whiskey in a rocks glass or a frosty cocktail. It’s an excellent upgrade on your drink game and usable all year round. The design is sleek, the materials are sturdy, and it’s FDA approved for safe and responsible drinking.

The Book of Meat

But maybe your man is a total carnivore? Is a grill-addict and constantly talking your ear off about “dry rubs” and “marinades” and using you as his personal guinea pig for all his new recipes? Why not get him something that will fuel his skills and passions, and give back to you in the form of some very delicious meals? Meat: Everything You Need to Know by Pat LaFrieda and Carolynn Carreno is the perfect addition to his kitchen. And you’ll thank yourself when you have some amazing, home-cooked meals.

Men’s Cologne (Jean Paul Gauthier)

If he’s looking for some upgrades in style and wardrobe, you can offer him some subtle but invaluable help with the Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male fragrance. This 4.2 ounce spray bottle is an excellent choice for an evening out or a swanky social event. This fragrance utilizes hints of vodka and frozen mint with notes of passion fruit, leather, and caviar to create an aura of a professional, and classy man.

Men’s Classic MVMT Watch

Likewise, the MVMT Classic Men’s Watch is a smooth addition to any wardrobe. The genuine leather strap and fashionable design makes it a unique statement and professional look for any occasion. The watch’s poignant splash of blue is an excellent accent to any wardrobe.

Quadcopter Drone

Is he a fun-lover? The Holy Stone F181 RC Quadcopter Drone, complete with HD camera is the perfect thing to encourage his playful side. It’s an excellent price for everything included, as well as its capabilities. It’s one of the best functional and sleekest drones on the market.

Portable Table Tennis

You also might try the Trademark Innovations Anywhere Table Tennis set. This amazing kit allows you to set up a game of ping-pong anywhere, whether it be a party or vacation. If he can’t quite let go of those fun college days, this is the gift for him.

Macbook Laptop Carry Case

Is he a workingman? Get him this 15.6 inchBrinch Multi-Functional Portable Laptop sleeve to look stylish and sleek while he’s on the go. He can carry his laptop in safety and style with long lasting dependability. This is a statement piece as functional as it is fashionable.

Chop Stick Light Sabers

Is he a huge nerd? Do you only ever like to admit it at the holidays? Check out these Luke Skywalker Star Wars Chop Sabers that light up. They make eating fun and give him a way to express that dorky side you secretly love without completely rearranging the living room for game night.

Comfy Men’s Ugg Slippers

Does he need some footwear? These Men’s UGG Fascot shoes blend comfort with a sleek and iconic look. They come complete with full grain leather, durability, and proven comfort. They’re perfect for at home or on the go wear.


This list should give you ideas for virtually every type of boyfriend. Whether he likes to spend his weekends goofing off, studying new recipes, or preparing to take over in the business world. These gifts are excellent options for him cultivate his life and remind him why you’re the best partner and the best thing that every happened to him. Check out these products before it’s too late, the holidays are much closer than you think!


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