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Car Gadget Accessories

A Study done by Harvard says that American’s spend 100 minutes per day on average in their car….again per DAY! Makes you wonder. If you spend 1/3 of your life in your bed, you make sure to have a great mattress. Well Since we are in our cars for a significant amount of time daily. The Smart thing to do would be to suit your car up with necessary car gadgets for an improved driving experience which can be both accommodating and efficient.

Here are the Top Picks for Choozeezee Car Accessory Gadgets to make your car life better!

Phone Car Mount

iOttie Easy One Touch 3 Car Mount Universal Phone Holder

Frustrated with cheap China made car mounts that have zero quality control and lack quality and practicality. The One touch has been though out thoroughly and provides an optimal phone mounting solution that will make you glad you opted for this great product.

Trunk Organizer

Trunk Cargo Organizer. Best for SUV, Vans, Cars, Trucks

Do you ever find yourself being the type that has a messy trunk and think..Why has this happened to me? It happens to everyone overtime as humans are naturally collectors and well prepared for the most part. Luckily this one is collapsable for easy commuting.

Car Interior Duster

Carrand 97372AS AutoSpa Interior Car Detail Duster

Car Interiors Get Dusty. Don’t waste money and time getting full in and out car washes just because your unhappy with the 3 days old unwashed car scenario which will leave you conflicted and frustrated. Being able to capture the dust on your dashboard and surroundings will leave you feeling more comfortable and at ease.

Pet Seat Covers

AmazonBasics Waterproof Hammock Seat Cover for Pets

This is the type of product that will make you glad you opted for that pet you’ve always wanted but were unsure how they would co-exist with your living setting. Perfect for SUV’s but handy for smaller cars too since its collapsable. Stay Safe!

Car Garbage Cans

DRIVE Car Garbage Can – Best Auto Trash Bag with Liners

Stop putting your waste in the corners and crevices of your beloved vehicle which can make it appear messy and not worthy to ride in. Keep it sanitary and structured with a designated waste bin that is collapsable and can serve as an emergency cooler. Talk about Ever Ready!

Car Food/Drink/Laptop Tray

Zone Tech Multi-Functional Portable Car Laptop and Food Steering Wheel Tray

Take the Drive through experience seriously and never have to spill honey/ketchup everywhere which will not only devalue your prized possession, but keep it within your standards.

Windshield Sun Shade

No.1 Windshield Sun Shade, Cool FREE Products Included With Sun Shade

Are you cooking eggs on your Dashboard? So then why heat it up unnecessarily. With the Sun Shade you can not only keep your car 50% Cooler, but you can protect the vinyl from wear and tear and sun damage. After all, you plan on keeping the car you carefully selected with reason.

Portable Car Food Warmer

RoadPro 12-Volt Portable Stove, Black

We aren’t saying that you can cook with this apparatus, however, you can definitely keep good hot food warm on long road trips where cooling and reheating are not ideal.

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