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Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

Christmas holidays are just around the corner. This is the time to start planning on the type of gifts for each member of the family. But what special gifts do you have in store for your lovely dad? Well, the market has endless options that will definitely brighten up his Christmas holiday. However, you want something that is unique for that perfect surprise. I have dug deeper in the internet to find just that – the top 10 best Christmas gift ideas that your dad will greatly appreciate.


Wall Pops WPE1586 Hardwood Monthly Dry Erase Calendar Decal

Does your dad have a difficult time keeping up with his daily schedules? Well, there is an easy way out that will keep him more organized. This Dry Erase Decal makes daily routine hassle free and great fun. It can be used months after months and has an elegant faux wood construction that upgrades the decor of the surrounding. The peel and stick calendar can be re positioned and removed at leisure for added convenience.

Classic Station: Desk Caddy for Your Keys, Phone, and Wallet

It is freaking irritating when you arrive at work only to realize that you have misplaced your key, phone or wallet. And if your dad experiences such, there is a way you can save him all the troubles. The answer lies with this Classic Station – a functional modern organizer that doubles as a docking station. Boasting an Eco-friendly bamboo construction, this organizer functions well in preventing any clutter on your counter or desk. And the good thing about it is that it can accommodate any type of phone.

Samurai Kitchen Knife Set

Does your dad have a passion for cooking? Well, you can make his time in the kitchen much easier and great fun. One way to do that is get him a set of Samurai Knives known for their unsurpassed edge retention. They provide the durability of stainless steel blades and the lightweight construction of aluminum sheaths. This knives provide a perfect balance of beauty and functionality that will attract anyone at first sight. The set includes 4 knives: Utility Knife, Chef’s Knife, Bread Knife and Pairing Knife.


The DrunkerPreneur” Beer Glass

Does your dad ideas become better after gulping down a couple of beers? Well, this 16 oz glass might just be the perfect gift for him. This funny glass depicts the thinking process that most “smart” drinkers undergo while taking their favorite drinks. It is a glass that he will use on a daily basis and is thick enough to take a beating. Besides beer, this glass can be used for other beverages, such as soda, juice and wine.

Aquatix Insulated Beer Growler Black Bottle Guzzler

Preserving your beer or other favorite beverages can be quite a challenge especially when you don’t have the right tool for the job. Here is an affordable solution that will help your dad keep his drinks hot or cold. This growler makes use of a vacuum insulation technology that has the ability to keep drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for a whopping 24 hours. The 41 oz bottle holds more than enough to last the day. It is the perfect travel companion that your dad will definitely love.

Revolving Motorized Lighted Tie & Belt Rack

Small things like ties and belts can give you a hard time trying to keep them more organized. But why not make your dad’s day less hectic by getting him a storage rack for all his ties and belts? This battery operated rack provides the convenience of a revolving mechanism for hassle-free mounting. It comes with hooks that can accommodate 64 ties and 8 belts.

Scratch It! Map of the World Large Black & Gold Deluxe Edition

Is your dad interested in geography? Or does he like to travel a lot? Well, what a better gift to get him than a map of the entire world? This is a stylish scratch map that comes in black and gold for that excellent visual impression. The high contrast makes it much easier to pick out favorite cities and countries that you might be planning to is definitely an impressive show piece that will enable your dad create new memories and share his past experiences.

The Dapper Chap ‘Buff & Shine’ Shoe Cleaning Kit

Everyone likes a dad that is neat and possibly the envy of the whole neighborhood. But his neat looks won’t be complete without a pair of shiny shoes to brighten up the day. However, shoe cleaning and shining can be quite a daunting task. Therefore the best thing is to get him this cleaning kit that has everything he wants – shoes polish and brushes. It makes the task hassle free and ensures that everything is within easy reach.

Megaphone Drinking Hat

There are many different ways in which you can enjoy your favorite drinks. But how about adding some fun to it? Well, get your dad a battery operated drinking hat that comes in a vibrant red finish. The hat is designed to hold two cans and has an adjustable headband to provide a secure fit. It is equipped with a megaphone that enables you enjoy various sound effects while sipping down your drink. This is a hat that will give your dad the ultimate hands-free drinking experience.

Slate Chalkboard and Easel

Where does your dad write his memos and menus? Probably on a phone, right? Well, there is an Eco-friendly and stylish way to do that – a Slate Chalkboard. It is made of natural wood and finished in slate that can be easily wiped clean. This chalkboard is a stylish addition in the kitchen and will give your dad that ultimate cooking experience.

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