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What to put in an Alcohol Gift Basket

Turn up the Party with Cool Drinking Gifts!

Everyone has friends who love to drink wine, scotch, beer or all the above. So why not make them giddy about their next drinking occasion. A drinking gift can range from novelty glasses to beer openers or even outrageous drinking related apparel. Make no mistake that drinking gifts can be fun and rewarding.

Step 1; is to identify the friend or family member in question, then establish their go to or more eloquently put; their drink of preference.

So step 2; identify the type of person they are. Here are the different types of drinkers.

The Conservative

– The type that’s perfectly able to have the recommended 2-3 drinks during an evening out on the town.

The Shy Drinker

– Someone who doesn’t express himself/herself too much until they get completely sloshed. At that point their guard is off the table.

The Bro or Dudette

– The type that goes partying all the time and loves to wear flashy novelty pun related wording on their chest.

The Connoisseur

– A refined drinker who doesn’t care for abstract drinking paraphernalia. An educational book about scotch would suffice just fine.

The All Out Aussie

– The type that all they need is a cup and it’s a party, where’s the booze you say? In a flask strapped to the inside on their leg.


If your friend or family member is a Conservative Drinker, you would then want to opt for a type of drinking gift that is;

Beer Lover

A Set of Beer Glasses

Every beer drinker appreciates a well made/matched glass to create a superior beer drinking experience.


Scotch Guy

Whiskey Stones for the Occasional Scotch

Most Whiskey Drinkers prefer to not dilute their magical drink with questionable liquids such as water.



A Wine/Food Pairing Guide

Nothing completes a well balanced meal more than accompanying that with a well matched fine wine.



Sip & Save Wine Preserver & Two Stoppers

Keep your left over wine fresh for the next day or so with a Wine Preserver.


If your friend or family member is a Shy Drinker, you would want to opt for a type of drinking gift that is;


A Big Wine Bottle Glass

To get them from point boring to point fun faster and more efficiently.


If your friend or family member is a Bro or Dudette, you would want to opt for a type of drinking gift that is;

Party Ready

Flashy/Ridiculous Apparel

Get something flashy that attracts the eye! You may end up attracting someone that you really want to.


Beer Lover

A Big Beer Glass

With one of those huge handles, nothing says bro more than a bro drinking from a glass looking like he’s pumping weights.


Beer Lover

A Beer Bong

Ever try a beer bong? It’s a great way to get the party started while bro-ING out.



Beer Lover

Drinker Beer and Soda Guzzler Helmet

Let everyone know your down to party. We’re not saying you would necessarily look good in this, but you’ll definitely feel good!

If your friend or family member is a Connoisseur, you would want to opt for a type of drinking gift that is;

Scotch Guy

A Connoisseur Whiskey/Scotch Glass

Since that’s what they use typically, you cant ever have too many at that stage in life.


Scotch Guy

Whiskey Tasting Guide

Lets be honest, connoisseur’s don’t really drink beer so any refined book about scotch or wine should do.


Scotch Guy

Scotch/Whiskey Advent Calendar

Even if its not the holidays, you can make education fun by doing the right thing and getting your education experience hands on!



Wine Chiller and Opener

A true connoisseur will never let you have red or white wine at a temperature that is not recommended for optimal consumption.


If your friend or family member is an All Out Aussie, you would want to opt for a type of drinking gift that is;

Beer Lover

A Beer Back Pack

Be everybody’s best friend by bringing the party with you wherever you go.



Aussie’s are all about having fun and drinking games are a way to do it. Here’s a game that everyone’s familiar with.


Drinking Game Glass Roulette

Whats more exciting that watching one of your friends land on that gross shot you set up. The rules should be everyone has to make the worst shots they can think of. then spin the wheel. 🙂


BigMouth Inc The Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

Throwing something on the Barbee doesn’t mean you cant drink while you do it. Here’s an Apron that will keep you well equipped.

Drinking Games

Shot Glass Chess Set Drinking Game

Think your mate know how to play chess. Make an example out of them with this cheeky game.




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