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Dog Christmas Gift Ideas

What About My ‘Fur Baby’? Get the Newest Dog Gift Ideas for Christmas. If you’re a dog lover, you may feel that there is a ‘crazy dog person’ label, attached to those enthusiasts that include their fur babies on their Christmas or birthday shopping list. Rest assured that gift buying for dogs is more common than you would think. After all, dog owners would all agree that our canine companions are not only a best friend, but a part of the family.

Did you know that owners are known to create Instagram accounts for their dogs?┬áConnecting with ‘pawtners’ – other dog owners who have done the same with their Instagram accounts. Dog photo sharing between networks of ‘pawtners’ is spreading over the internet as you read. In today’s culture, spoiling our dogs and treating them like our own children is now the norm, so rest assured that buying gifts for your dog to celebrate special occasions is not a sign of obsession. Don’t listen to anybody who tells you otherwise! If you have a friend who is a dog lover, they would also love to receive gifts on behalf of their paw pals. Here are some hand-picked gift ideas for dog lovers out there that are beyond cool!


Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook

Your dog will be drooling as you prepare them treats from this cookbook. Many pet owners are concerned with the ingredients contained in commercially produced treats and are opting for natural ingredients, often choosing to prepare them from scratch. This cookbook is a great way to put your mind at ease, knowing that you are preparing a healthy snack.

Paw Print Biscuit Molds

If you enjoy making your own dog treats, you and your fur-baby will love this silicone based mold so that your treats will come out in a bone shape. Your dog will love this gift, but who says that it can’t be used for human treats? Why not make your own biscuits, shaped like bones, for you and your friends? (Your dog doesn’t have to know that you are using their gift to cook your own cookies).

Paw Print Craft Kit

This craft kit is a must-have gift idea for any dog owner. Immortalize your pooch’s paw prints in this mold craft kit and hang up the paw print artwork in a beautiful frame provided. Arguably, the most difficult part of the dog owner experience is saying goodbye to our fur pals as they pass on. The finished product of this kit is the perfect way to keep the precious memories of your loyal companion with you forever.

Electric Flashing Dog Collar

This is the coolest and most innovative dog collar you could possibly buy for your dog as a gift. Firstly, you will turn heads when you walk your dog at night. Apart from the visual appeal, this is a major safety accessory too. If you are walking your dog off-leash, you will be able to keep track of its movements with the flashing light. What if your dog escapes from the yard at night? The flashing light will make it easier to track them down.

Wifi Camera and Treat Dispenser

When we go away, even for a short trip, we miss our pets the most and they sure miss us! This makes an ideal doggy gift to keep you and your best friend in contact when you are not there. The Wifi camera enables your dog to see your face and hear your voice and at the same time, dispense a treat. It will certainly make your time away from your dog easier for both of you.

Everlasting Treat Ball

What a fun and practical gift to leave under the Christmas tree for your pooch. Interactive treat dispensers are a great way to keep your dog entertained for hours, which is especially great for when you are at work. This ball dispenser has a durable plastic cover and you simply fill it with dog treats. This gift is also a very good way to keep those canine teeth in top dental condition!

Ball Launcher

This is a must have gift idea for the dog that loves to play fetch and is a great way for active dogs to get the exercise they need. This sling-launching device, which comes with tennis balls, can launch a ball in any direction and over a large distance. Why not take this to the park, or the beach, and have hours of fun with your dog?

Christmas Theme Pet Collars

What better way to include the fur babies in on the festive season than a Blueberry pet collar, which comes in an assortment of Christmas themed patterns? It comes with an adorable bow tie, which can be removed if you want. One of Choozeezee’s pick’s for Dog Gift Ideas for Christmas.

Dog Treat Maker

We’ve all heard of waffle irons and donut makers. What about dog treat makers? In minutes, you can create dog biscuit bones with this bone-molded baker, which comes with natural recipes for delicious treats. Home made treats are becoming increasingly popular among dog owners, so this treat maker will be a gift that keeps on giving to your canine pal.

Chilly Dog Christmas Sweater

This warm, natural wool elf-themed sweater will keep your dog warm during the festive season, and these costumes are completely adorable. This sweater fits the 60-80 pound dog breeds, but if you have a larger dog, why not look on Amazon for sweater varieties of other sizes? Another great Dog Gift Ideas for Christmas.

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