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The Best Star Wars Gadgets

Looking through the toy stores, there are many Star Wars gift ideas targeted towards children. Who said that only kids should enjoy the novelty of Star Wars merchandise? The viral ‘Chewbacca mask laughing lady’ video captured just how much joy comes from opening a package containing Star Wars merchandise. Luckily, there are plenty of gift ideas available online to cater for the adult ‘Star Wars Geek’. In a world where embracing ‘geek’ pop culture has become more trendy, Star Wars fans will find great joy in the gift ideas that are out there. 15 of the most outrageous, ingenious and cool Star Wars gift ideas have been handpicked from Amazon as being outstandingly cool. From toaster ovens to wall chargers, it’s all here! The list below is in no particular order of preference. After all, how could you possibly rank the ‘wow factor’ that comes from these ideas. These items are great for gift ideas, but let’s be 100% honest. If you are a Star Wars fan yourself, you may look at this list and see some great gift ideas for a friend or family member, but you will probably be eyeing off some of these cool products for your own collection. Why not? Without hesitation, here is a list of some incredibly clever merchandise gifts.


BB8 Robot Model

BB8 has become a popular and endearing part of the Star Wars franchise, with a quirky personality. This BB8 model can be connected to an iPad or smart phone to control its movements. It can be programmed to respond to voice commands and customized for the personality of the user.

R2D2 Measuring Cup Set

Measuring cups like these have never made cooking more of a novelty. Combine kitchen culinary skills with the force of Star Wars fandom and you have a clever gift idea that will impress.

Darth Vader Apron

Say goodbye to the conventional ‘kiss the cook apron’, with an apron that shows the machinery that makes up Darth Vader’s life support suit. This is an ideal gift for the Star Wars fan that likes to cook for their family or host dinner parties.

Chop Stick Light Sabers

Is he a huge nerd? Do you only ever like to admit it at the holidays? Check out these Luke Skywalker Star Wars Chop Sabers that light up. They make eating fun and give him a way to express that dorky side you secretly love without completely rearranging the living room for game night.

Stormtrooper Alarm Clock

Being rudely awoken by the sound of an alarm clock is not the most welcoming start to the morning, but wouldn’t it be more fun if those annoying beeps came from a Stormtrooper model?

R2D2 Thermos

This clever R2D2 themed travel thermos is a cool gift idea for those who like to picnic or go on road trips. Why stop there? For the hardcore Star Wars fan, this thermos could be proudly displayed on the kitchen counter or dining room table.

Darth Vader Toaster

This ingenious invention has trended on social media and receives countless likes and desires to own one. The power of the dark side cooks the toast at differing temperatures and when the toast pops out, Darth Vader’s mask appears on a piece of toast. What a fun and vibrant way to enjoy breakfast!

Darth Vader Desktop Lamp

This incredibly cool desktop lamp creates a 3D illusion of Darth Vader’s mask and can be customized to change colors. It can be used as a night light bed side lamp, but the fun doesn’t stop there. This stunning lamp could be used as an attention grabbing prop for a party. What an interesting alternative to fairy lights in the back yard!

Chewbacca Pillow

This plush, cuddly Chewbacca makes a cute decoration for couches and beds and because of its plush texture, it can be a support pillow for a nap. It may not make the Chewbacca noises from the famous Chewie mask, but it is an adorable plush novelty for any age.

Tattooine T-Shirt

The stores sell plenty of standard Star Wars themed t-shirts, with conventional images, but this particular shirt really stands out. It is one-of-a-kind and has a special swagger of its own. This unique t-shirt is ideal for a party or a casual night out. For the more closeted Star Wars fans out there, this could make a fun t-shirt to wear as a pyjama top.

Star Wars Themed Steering Wheel Cover

We all have that friend who has a great imagination. With a Star Wars themed steering wheel cover, turn on the ignition, ‘punch it’ and fly the car into hyperspace. Okay, so this accessory won’t enable a car to make the jump to light speed, but it adds a touch of memorabilia to any car.

R2D2 Wall Charger

This small, but attention-grabbing device can be connected to a wall power outlet to charge electronic devices.

Lightsaber Coffee Mug

This ingenious coffee mug is temperature sensitive, with hot liquid making the colors of the light sabers rise as the temperature increases. This makes pouring a hot drink a new type of novelty and is also ideal for those that want to impress their colleagues in the staff tea room.

Star Wars Planet Drinking Glass Sets

This set of drinking glasses are themed from the planets in the Star Wars universe. Apart from the novelty of these glasses, the designs and color schemes are stunningly beautiful. The only problem will be the arguments over who drinks out of which glass.

Millenium Falcon Bottle Opener

This is a clever twist on the conventional bottle opener and the gift receiver will find any excuse to open up beer bottles just to show off their new device.


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