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What to Gift your Boss at Work

You’ve just been presented with the obligation of participating in an office gift exchange and guess what happened. You’ve guessed it. You were chosen to pick up a gift for your boss that you know he or she may inevitably figure out who gifted them. Buying your boss a gift can be difficult for the following reasons.

  • Your intimated by the person, which makes the whole process scary.
  • Your boss may keep a personal relationship distance between you for professional reasons, which may make it more difficult to find a perfect gift that they would like.
  • Your boss is a jerk and you don’t want to gift them but have to anyways and you don’t want to spend time thinking about what to get them.
  • You’ve had a previous mutual attraction or one-way attraction and you don’t want to give the wrong message.
  • Their standards are above yours and your working with a limited budget
  • You know nothing about your boss.
  • You’re madly in love with your boss and want to get them the perfect gift.

This guide can be useful for other related events such as; everyone in the company throwing a farewell party, surprise birthday party or the occasional award of recognition party. People don’t forget the gifts they receive from co-workers for an event that happened for their company events. Especially when it’s a good gift that will be with them for a long time to come. You can bind your relationship further and who knows where that can end up. Wherever it ends up, it sounds positive.


Coffee Mug

Go Away Funny Glass Coffee Mug 13 oz

Get the message across to your boss that you understand how early morning can be frustrating. Everyone likes to start the morning with relaxation and what better way than with a mug that lets others around you know your current status on dealing with stuff.

Ballpoint Pen

Carbon Fiber Ballpoint Pen Set

The Pen! A tool that is used to define the type of Professional you really are. Ball Point says alot about the stage you are at in life. Keep it classy and simple with a high Quality Pen that boasts character.

Cocktail Shaker Set

Professional Bar Kit Bundle w/ Double Stainless Steel Jigger

Having the Boss status often means dealing with stressful decisions which can make for a uncomfortable evening at home or with friends. Lighten up the mood with a clean brushed finish Cocktail Shaker Set that will clear the air and help you relax and enjoy the good moments and things in life.

Wine Bottle Opener

Brewberry Premium Stainless Steel Electric Bottle Opener

Probably the Best wine bottle opener/preserver set on the market right now. The best feature enables you to see real-time wine bottle temperatures to make sure you have your fine wine at the right temperature it was meant to be served at. Preserving wine is also great for eliminating spoiled wine. This product may cost $49.99, however, it will pay for itself in the first 6 moths of use.

Power Bank for Mobile Devices

Aedon 20000mah Solar Charger Portable Solar Power Bank

Probably best for Camping since an optional power source for this unit is solar. However, the unit looks nifty and clean, which can also power/recharge 2 devices. Also it features a high intensity flashlight for those times of power outages. Also did we mention. Its 20,000 mah!

Massage Pillow with Heat

GideonTM Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow with Heat

Destress at work easily with a premium massage pillow. Not only will it replicate the experience of having a masseuse on call at work, but you can also enjoy the benefits of the heat treatment to loosen the neck stiffness that’s been a bother all day.

Weather Station

AcuRite 02077RM Color Weather Station with Temperature, Humidity and Forecast

Chances are you’re boss is a golfer or someone who enjoys leaving work early to enjoy their pool and/or backyard for some summer enjoyment. Give them the opportunity to get a nice visual display that would look great on their desk at work.


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