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Office Gadgets for Him

The business world is fast-paced and demanding. For you to thrive you need every resource available to ensure that you work smarter and more efficiently. Fortunately, technology also evolves at an incredible pace and offers thousands of convenient gadgets guaranteed to make your life more productive and easier. The following is a list of must have innovative devices that you can use to transform your ordinary office into a new 21st Century office.

3D Mouse

3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator 3D Mouse

If you are an avid computer user, without a doubt you can relate to how tedious using the traditional old computer mouse is. It is bulky, causes “mouse-hand” issues, and they often get jammed, hindering smooth navigation. If you want to do away with such inconveniences, then the cutting edge 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator is the perfect solution for you. In contrast to the conventional mouse, this revolutionary 3D mouse does move. Instead, it utilizes an advanced six degrees-of-freedom optical sensor, two programmable function keys and a black rubber dial to provide superior 3D mouse navigation experience. If you want to zoom, pan, rotate an object on the screen, just twist, push, tilt or pull the 3Dconnexion controller.


Samsung Gear S Smartwatch

Proper time management is a desirable skill in the business world. It makes you more productive since you schedule and do all your activities in real time. The Samsung Gear S Smartwatch is a gadget that can help revamp your time management skills. Besides displaying time, the watch features the two curved Super AMOLED display, provides GPS navigation directions, and the S Health ability for tracking fitness goals. Furthermore, the wrist watch supports voice control and connects to both iPhones and Android Smartphones and alerts you through a silent vibration. You, therefore, stay in touch even if you leave your phone behind and even compose text messages conveniently from your wrist.

Laptop Cooler

Adjustable Laptop cooling rack

A primary concern for laptop users is that after using it for a while, it heats up. Even though the temperature is not that hot, it can irritate your skin. Why not solve the heating dilemma with this ergonomic laptop cooler. It is a stylish USB powered radiator which helps to support and cool your laptop or notebook as you work. It has six adjustable height settings, which means you can modify it to whichever position you find most comfortable. Furthermore, it has an antiskid baffle radiator, a powerful low noise motor, all of which makes the use of the computer pleasurable.

Gaming Mouse

Professional Optical Wireless Gaming Mouse

Professional optical wireless gaming mouse. With this mouse, you don’t have to worry about coding, or even to plug it in since it utilizes a wireless technology guaranteeing a smooth operation. It also has the nine different keys and the DPI Function making it possible to navigate and change mouse speeds. An added advantage of this optical mouse is that it offers more times power saving than the ordinary wireless mice, thanks to its top class power saving chip.


SuperSpeed 10 Port USB Hub

If continuously you are running out of USB port slots on your computer, you should not hesitate to purchase this USB hub solution. In addition to offering ten slots for inserting your USB devices, it guarantees an up to 1.2 charging speed in the tenth slot and a data exchange rate of up to 5 Gbps. Working on your computer, therefore, becomes faster and more fun.

Mini Projector

PowerLead Mini LED Projector

Working in the office entails making presentations to management, workmates, or clients from time to time. In most cases having a projector nearby plays a significant role in ensuring the success of your presentation. Why not complement your presentation prowess by using this PowerLead Mini LED projector. The equipment has a super color technology, attractive bright resolution display, and an extended battery life thanks to its adjustable vibration feedback. It offers you the option to view different media via USB, Video, and SD connection. Not only does it help you to present your work in an innovative manner, but it also makes you appear more professional to your audience.

Hand Held Expresso Maker

Handpresso Coffee Machine

Just because you are in the office, it does not mean you should not take a break. Relaxing for a while gives you a little time to refresh your mind and boost your energy. Take the opportunity to make coffee using this versatile handheld-held coffee maker. You could opt to become a Barista and use ground espresso coffee, or you could go for the easier to use E.S.E adapter. The coffee maker is easy to use and maintain.

Office Door Lock

Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

You should always ensure that your office is safe and secure at all times. After all, it has important and at times pricey stuff. If you are looking for a classy yet practical method to guard the office when you are out, then the Biometric Fingerprint lock would suffice. The gadget uses optical sensors with advanced fingerprint technology to identify and allow entry access only to authorized users, who can only open the door using their fingerprints.

Data Storage Secure Transfer

Transporter Sync Private Cloud

Data storage is an important concern for any office. You wouldn’t want to spend countless hours working, only for the data to get lost or stolen. You not only require a safe data storage solution but one that is reliable, easy to use and only accessible to the right users. The Transporter Sync Private Cloud fits such a description. It resembles Dropbox, and you can use it to store, save and share data securely. Moreover, you can use it automatically to sync files from all your digital devices. Thanks to the gadget, you can have access to all of your documents through your mobile devices at any time and place in the world. You simply plug it in, add storage, and you are ready to go.

Hand Held Scanner

Handheld Document Scanner

Every office needs to have a scanner to help with the documentation process. The drawback is that most of these scanners are either too costly or too bulky to have around. Fortunately, thanks to novel innovations like the Portable Hand Document Scanner, owning such a device is conveniently possible. The scanner is affordable, portable and easy to use. You can use it to convert your color, black and white photos, books, documents and receipts, into digital files.

Under Desk Elliptical

FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical

Keep active and burn some calories while your life is consumed by work that limits the time you get to take focused on keeping healthy and fit. Work your feet away without realizing the great work your doing involving your tasks at work and involving your body. Let’s not forget the exercise can be a stress reliever, which can create a better working attitude especially when work situations can get sticky.

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