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Top 10 Ski Gadgets that you Must Have

If you are psyched up for a skiing trip this holiday, take the time to prepare adequately for the time of your life. After settling on the date and the resort where you intend to stay, make sure you acquire suitable skiing gear as well. The following is a list of the must have skiing equipment, which you should invest in before you hit the snowy slopes.

Ski Helmet

Head Sensor Bluetooth Ski Helmet

No matter how good your skiing is, there is always the possibility of falling or bumping into something. To reduce your chances of contracting injuries, you need a reliable and efficient ski helmet. The Head sensor Bluetooth Ski Helmet is stylish, comfortable and safe to use. Besides, it is full of revolutionary features such as Bluetooth headsets, a heart rate monitor, and Mp3 player connectivity. You will not just protect your head, but will have a chance of taking your favorite music with you.

Ski Goggles

GPS Enabled Goggles

One way to guarantee the ultimate skiing experience is by investing in these GPS-enabled Goggles. It is durable and fitted with useful features to ensure maximum comfort and benefits to the skier. For starters, it has fully integrated GPS controls and real-time display. The mounted head shows information such as speed, altitude, position, distance covered as well as temp. It supports USB connectivity, has a rechargeable battery, and an anti-fog lens to ensure clear visibility.

Thermo Ski Jacket

ThermoJacket Rechargeable Heated Jacket

Skiing means exposing yourself to freezing temperatures, and the high-speed movement of the chilly wind does not make things any better. You must ensure that you have adequate protection from the cold. The rechargeable, heated jacket offers a brilliant solution for warming your body. It is an impermeable but breathable water and wind resistant jacket with three levels of temperature adjustments. You just select the temperature level convenient for your body, and you are ready to go.

Ski Glove Kit

Snow Glove Kit with Phone Module

When it comes to shielding your body from frost, remember to cover your hands as well. A suitable solution is the Snow glove kit. Besides offering protection to your hands, the glove is conveniently fitted with Bluetooth connectivity features that guarantee you smartphone does not get wet or cold as you glide through the snowy terrain. If you like, you can insert a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth module to the gloves and use it to control your digital music playing device or go pro camera.

Waterproof Ski Pants

Waterproof Ski Pants with ThermaTech Insulation

Just as it makes sense to protect your upper body and hands from cold, you need to safeguard your lower limbs. After all, you don’t want your legs to freeze. The ski pants have a ThermaTech Insulation technology, and they are both wind and waterproof. Moreover, it has an adjustable waist all of which ensures you stay safe, comfortable and adequately protected from the weather elements.

Ski Boots

Salomon Ghost 90 Ski Boots

One of the secret to having a thrilling skiing experience is having the right kind of boots on your feet. The Salomon Ghost Ski Boots have excellent comfort and performance features, making them appropriate for walking and skiing on snow. For instance, they have the shock absorbing footboard that reduces the impact on the legs and body resulting from high altitude landings. They, therefore, guarantee a rewarding skiing experience.

Retractable Trekking Poles

Retractable Lightweight Trekking Poles

Skiing in the mountains involves a little walking and hiking. It helps to have a sturdy hiking pole to help reduce the strain of climbing the steep icy terrain. The pole is extendable, to suit your preferred length and has ergonomic features which make it fit in your hand comfortably.

Hand Warmer, Flashlight and Power Pack (3 in 1)

Celestron Elements Firecel plus

Hiking to the mountaintops means spending a significant amount of time probably from sunrise till late in the evenings. It is not unusual for your phone batteries to wear out especially if you are using it for playing music, or capturing video images. Having the FireCel plus battery pack guarantees that your smartphone stays charged. Furthermore, it keeps your hands warm and produces enough light to help you find your way.

HD Camera Quadcopter Drone

Quadcopter Mini Drone with 2MP HD Camera

Most skiers enjoy capturing images of their expeditions on their smartphones or using go pro cameras. Even though these devices offer a satisfying solution of recording the skiing challenge, they have a range limitation since they only cover the area where the skier goes. Why not take the recording a notch higher by using a quadcopter or mini-drone. Not only will it give you a wider range, but it will be possible for you to capture your image as you navigate the icy slopes. The drone has a GPS tracker, which you attach to your wrist. Once you do that, the drone follows you filming your entire skiing expedition.

Ski Boot Heater Bag

Rossignol Boot Heater Bag

Even though your skiing gear is necessary, it can be cumbersome and inappropriate to wear in some places. For instance, when you are checking in the resort or checking out. You need a suitable means of carrying the gear. The Rossignol boot heater bag will suffice in such a case. It has adequate space for you to place your gears such as helmet and boots tucked safely and warm. You only need to plug it into a power socket for it to charge.

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