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Cool Kitchen Gadget Gift Ideas

Finding cool kitchen gadgets in always fun, we were able to take the time to research cool kitchen gadgets that everyone would love due to the uniqueness and affordability. Here are 15 items that are admirable  and beneficial that will have you saying to yourself, why have I never seen this before?


Cool Kitchen Gadget #1

Orange Citrus Juicer

I think it’s safe to say that nothing beats a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Tropicana is great and all, with the exceptions of the added preservatives and the obvious point that it’s never 100% orange juice. In fact, here’s where you can get more information about freshly squeezed orange juice from boxes.

Cool Kitchen Gadget #2

Glideware Pull-out Cabinet Organizer for Pots and Pans

Eliminate the hassle of storing pots and pans in a fashion that is easy to add or remove. Using this pot and pan slider, your cupboard will look great when opened and you won’t be angered or annoyed every time you need a pot or pan.


Cool Kitchen Gadget #3

Counter Edge Cutting Board with Collapsible Scrap Bin

No need to buy extra large cutting board that don’t fit on your counter or cupboard space. A Scrap bin is definitely essential when chopping fruits and vegetable or meat. There is always something to discard, so why not have this convenient feature. You’ll never use a cutting board without it again.

Cool Kitchen Gadget #4

Electric Air Fryer w/ Touch Screen Technology

Using a home deep fryer almost seems to have more cons than pros. The main con being that your entire living space will be filled with a heavy oil smell. It usually takes 24 hrs for the smell to completely go away, also it will create greasy surfaces everywhere. The solution is a Air Fryer. Get the same results as Deep fryingwhile eating healthier. Deep fried foods are heavily oil based and cause weight gain and health defects.

Cool Kitchen Gadget #5

Kevenz Kitchen Meat Handling & Shredding Claws

Ever run in to the situation where you need to carrv or pick up a turkey wolverine style? This is the perfect fix for those times you need to handle a giant piece of meat, whether its shredding, carving or moving. Also it could be a great back scratcher, because why not?

Cool Kitchen Gadget #6

CTA Digital 2-in-1 Kitchen Mount Stand for iPad

We have all tried the iPad holder on the counter idea before. It’s not ideal since it takes up counter space and runs the risk of getting dirty. With this nifty mount you can enjoy the pleasure of cooking while not having to constantly look down. Why not face time with a family member or friend while cooking or better yet, start your own cooking show.

Cool Kitchen Gadget #7

Central Vacuum Automatic Dustpan

The greatest invention is at your fingertips, right here on Choozeezee! The Automatic Dustpan that is compatible with all Central Vacuum Systems is the perfect aid to keeping the kitchen floor tidy. Cooking involves a constant mess, even getting on the floor, no matter how hard we try for it to not get there. You never have to take out the vacuum or dustpan ever again in the world of kitchen cleanup. Just broom the mess in front of the automatic dustpan and give it a kick. Problem Solved!

Cool Kitchen Gadget #8

Perlli Chilled Condiment Server on ice

Keep it clean and fresh with a handy condiment server. Works great for outdoors to keep unwanted flying visitors away. The ice containment feature is also a great way to keep the condiments fresh while making it inviting to use. The Perfect BBQ party accessory.

Cool Kitchen Gadget #9


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