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Top 10 Camping Gadgets and Camping Checklist

Camping outdoors is an exciting recreational activity for spending the weekend or holidays. It offers an opportunity to get adventurous in the outdoors and break away from the city life. However, a person needs to make adequate preparations to ensure a memorable experience. If you intend to sleep outdoors, the following are the Top 10 Camping Must-haves for your highly anticipated Camping trip.



Camping LED Lantern and Fan Combo

Camping in the great outdoors means the absence of electricity. You, therefore, need a source of light that provides adequate lighting and guarantee the camping experience isn’t interrupted by the setting of the sun. The lantern offers a convenient way of brightening up the campsite during the night. Furthermore, it has an inbuilt fan which helps to cool the temperatures inside the tent. With this deluxe lantern, a camper can extend the activities of the night and even enjoy preparing meals under the moonlit sky.

Wood Burning Campstove

While camping, you will need to prepare meals like breakfast, lunch or dinner. You require a source of fire that is not only easy to use but one that does not harm the campsite. The Bio-lite Wood Burning Camp-stove is the perfect solution. It is lightweight, lights up quickly and cooks fast. Furthermore, the stove does not require a camper to carry fuel, such as LPG or oil, as it uses twigs and branches. The oven also offers the added benefit of being an off-grid charger. When lit, it conveniently converts thermal heat from the stove into electricity, sufficient for charging handheld devices such as phones and lights.

Water-proof, windproof-matches

One of the most dreaded bit of camping is lighting the fire. It can be daunting especially if the matches are wet or distorted from rainy or windy weather. Fortunately, some matches are both water and wind proof. By including these revolutionary sticks, you have the guarantee of an easy time of lighting the fire. The package includes five waterproof containers each containing twenty sticks. It would be prudent if you took more than one box just in case you misplace one.

Radio Alert Flashlight and Smartphone Charger

In the wild, things could change at the drop of a hat. For instance, a storm could rise, a forest fire could break out, or there could be a wild animal on the loose. It is, therefore, wise to have at hand this Multi-powered gadget to stay updated on the weather alerts, or any emergency situation that might occur. The beauty of the device is that it also doubles up as a smartphone charger. During an emergency, the possibility of your phone battery dying is minimal. Consequently, you get to stay connected making it easy for the relevant emergency rescue team, to contact you.

Biodegradable Camping Dish Set

Picture this; you have prepared a tasty warm meal, and you are just about to serve when you realize you didn’t include the dishes as part of your camping gear. It can be embarrassing. Get the biodegradable camper dish set that includes a serving bowl, plates, cutlery and a bag. The dishes are heat resistant, dishwasher safe and Eco-friendly. They biodegrade after two years if buried in the soil.

Water Purifier

You need safe and clean drinking water while camping. One way to ensure that is by carrying enough supply of water with you from home. That option, however, will make the camping gear heavy and bulky. Instead, you could bring a portable water purification system like the CamelBak All Clear Microbiological UV water purifier. With the help of the purifier, you can treat contaminated water from different sources such as tap, wells, streams or rivers available near the campsite.

Unfolding Wash Basin

Most people forget to include the wash basin bucket in their camping gear mainly because carrying the bucket seems bulky, and unnecessary. However, thanks to the Unfolding Wash Basin Bucket travel bag, camp grooming becomes enhanced. The basin is a portable, lightweight unfolding bucket that holds approximately 8.5 liters of water without leaking or deforming. It is ideal for the camper’s washing needs.

Insect Repellent

Camping in the wild is synonymous with insect and pest attacks. What better way to enjoy an insect-free camping than by keeping those pesky bugs at bay with the Ben’s 30 Tick and Insect Repellent. Just apply the formula on your skin and get up to eight hours of protection from ticks and insects that cause West Nile Virus, Malaria, Lyme and other transmittable ailments.

First Aid Kit

You or someone might get into an accident while camping. Worse still, the nearest medical care facility might be far. It, therefore, makes sense to carry along with you a well-equipped First-Aid Kit. The Light and durable camping emergency survival kit will suffice in such as instance. It is a fully equipped 63-piece first aid kit, suitable for treating minor injuries. The kit fits perfectly in a backpack or on the camper’s belt.

Binocular Telescope

The thrills of camping include sightseeing, hunting, fishing as well as bird watching. Engaging in these activities would be more fun and exciting if one has a powerful yet efficient binoculars. The Folding Binocular telescope is one such equipment. It is fold-able lightweight binoculars with night vision, designed for outdoor watching.


Camping Checklist

Here is a Printable PDF for a camping checklist that you can use to cross off items one by one to be sure you have what you need.


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