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What to Keep in your Golf Locker

Cant figure out what to stock in your Golf Locker?

It’s an exciting feeling to get your freshly new and anticipated golf locker situated around golf buddies and acquaintances at your golf club. Make your locker a cool eye pleasing experience to enhance relationships and showcase your outgoing side by stocking necessary cool elements that say your not only equipped, but you like to have a great time. Keeping track of what needs to be stocked in your golf bag is another mission that can be frustrating without adequate planning. Let’s start with getting your Golf locker all set up, then we can move to figuring out what to put in your golf bag.

Here’s a locker that belongs to one of the editor’s of Choozeezee. Quote: I treat my Golf locker as if its home away from home, so I make sure to have everything I need to feel comfortable and settled. Gone are the days when you would store your extra occasional golf drivers in your golf locker. Golf Clubs have storage in the back shop for that.


Top Section: Cigar Humidor, Bottle of Scotch with Scotch Glasses, Golf Ball Basket with Golf Balls, Sun Screen

Middle Section: Course Towels, Rain Gear (Hangers), Cold Gear (Hangers), Umbrella, Duffle Bag, Toiletries Bag, Snack Pack(in the back)

Bottom Section: Shoes, Shoe Cleaning Brush/Plush Cloth Glove


“Stocking things like Cigars or golf balls should be fun and decorative to enhance your golfing experience”


Here’s our top picks and suggestions on what to get for your golf locker.


Cigar Humidor

Black Aluminium Alloy Cigar Jar Tube Humidor With Humidifier Hygrometer

For those who enjoy a fresh stogie on the course. It’s nice to enjoy them fresh, as hot temperatures can dry out your investments of good smoke. It also looks very nifty in the locker. Passer byers in the locker room will definitely be impressed at a glance. We found a great style inspired by Cohiba to make it look official.



Scotch Glasses

Glencairn Crystal Whiskey Glass, Set of 2

Not only does it look charming in the locker, but can serve as a well deserved reward for an achievement on the golf course or a celebration of good news that may happen to present itself at the club. Make sure to have the right glasses that are small enough to fit in your locker, and don’t forget to pack a travel size dish washing soap in your toiletry bag to wash them out after.



Golf Ball Basket

Wald Imports Metal Golf Bucket

Nobody likes to stock their golf bag with 50 golf balls, so why not stock the bulk in your locker and have a great theme going at the same time. You’re club entourage will be envious and wish they thought of it first.

This style was created for the golf locker which pairs well with Titleist golf balls in our opinion.


Duffle Bag

adidas Diablo Medium Duffle,Black/Storm Grey,one size

Its great to have the perfect size duffle bag for your golf locker to be able to accommodate all your necessary commuting items. We found the perfect bag at the lowest price. We know choosing the right bag feels better walking around with it. Also looks can help to compliment the appropriate casual apparel that you sport at the golf club.



Toiletry Bag

ToiletTree Products Toiletry Bag With TSA Approved Bottles and Sonic Travel Toothbrush Bonus, 0.97 Ounce

Your golf locker is something that represents who you are or how you organize yourself. Keep the clutter out of your top shelf and showcase what you really want at the top. This bag is the perfect size, has great quality leather and looks fantastic.


Golf Rain Gear

Nike Golf Men’s Storm-Fit Rain Suit

Is rain gear necessary on the golf course when there’s a risk of showers. You bet!

We found a great set that’s made by a great company for the lowest price for the quality. We don’t suggest cheap no-name sets as there are usually issues with breathing materials and staining.


Snack Pack

Ultimate Healthy Bar & Snacks Care Package Office Variety Pack (50 Count)

Don’t be a victim of hunger on the golf course, or worse get nailed with steep snack prices at the golf course. Get one of these snack packs for two reasons. #1. Great Variety. #2. Cost efficiency.



Golf Umbrella

Atree Stick Umbrella, Durable and Strong Enough for the Fierce Wind and Heavy Rain, Unisex Golf Umbrella, Color Black, with Double-canopy, 8 Ribs

Storing your golf umbrella in your golf bag sucks, its extra weight and creates bulkiness and takes slot room. We chose a perfect durable golf umbrella at the best price possible.



Golfer’s Sunscreen

GolfersSkin Golf Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30, 1.35 Ounce

Specialized sunscreen for Golfers? Yes, we did the research and it’s 100% necessary as there is no greasiness that will interfere with your grips. There are also plenty of other benefits.



Shoe Cleaning Brush/Cloth

2pcs Multifunctional Soft Plush Wipe Shoes Mitt Brush Cleaning Gloves Shoes Care Tool

Walking out of the locker room with a fresh set of golfing apparel can easily be ruined by having dirty shoes. While making the walk to the restroom area of the locker to use abrasive paper towel that ends up tarnishing one of your main golf investments. Keeping this specially designed golf shoe cleaning brush/plush cloth makes it easy by letting you slip in on like a glove, keeping your hands clean through out the process. This is a must have if your a clean cut golfer who like to look great while you play great, hopefully..


Check out our Top 10 Everything you need for your toiletry bag to find out what to keep in your toiletry bag that could be used for more than just your locker at the golf course. It’s also handy for Gym Bag or as a travel case when staying abroad.







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