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Top 10 Gifts for Grown Ups Who Love Superheroes

Chances are good that somewhere in your life lurks a giant nerd. These nerds are everywhere and their presence in places outside of conventions, comic book stores and their computer rooms is becoming more and more commonplace. These days, nerds are our friends, our co-workers, our family members and our husbands and wives and when these folks need presents, there is only one thing to do— go out and find them the coolest superhero present you can find. If you’re having trouble, here are our top ten favorites to get you started:

Number #10

Spider-Man Movie Logo Cool Bikini Bra Set

This ridiculously over the top string bikini, complete with strategically placed spider, is the perfect gift for the arachnophile in your life.

Number #9

Superheroes Style Home Decor Throw Pillow Cover Decorative Pillow Cushion

Create an outgoing nostalgic atmosphere at home, office or man cave with High Quality Super Hero pillow cases. They can come in quite handy with company over. Everyone loves added elbow rest comfort, beat that excitement with a comforting reminder of your childhood. Cozy up with your favorite nerd with these graphic print superhero themed throw pillows. They come in a set of four Justice League members and are ready to protect your sofa from miscreants and evildoers.

Number #8

“Wondershelf” – Metal Floating Bookshelf

Do you have a bookshelf that can fly? Of course not, and this one doesn’t either, but Super Girl would be more than happy to pretend. This floating shelf is the perfect spot for your favorite Justice League comics or anything else you want to magically levitate.

Number #7

Besteker 8GB /16GB /32GB Capacity USB 2.0 Superhero Captain America/ Iron Man/Thor/ Hulk

For the computer nerd turned superhero groupie, these Marvel-ous USB drives will be everything they could want. Available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB, as well as in a variety of everyone’s favorite heroes these standard portable 2.0 USB drives just might save the day.

Number #6

Batman Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Cosplay Shoes Boots

Not everyone has a special place in the heart of Gotham’s most notorious super villain, but Harley Quinn does and with these shoes, so can you. The shoes can be custom made in both men’s and women’s sizes with widths changed to your specifications. Get ready to let your inner wild child come out to play with Mr. J.

Number #5

DC Comics Batman Glass and Ice Cube Tray Combo Pack

Be that person who’s cool enough to drink from a Cartoon Super Hero drinking apparatus that somehow makes the beverage experience more gratifying. This set comes with both the retro version and the more logo inspired piece demonstrating your allegiance to the Batman franchise.

Number #4

Marvel Deadpool Icon Snapback Hat

Arguably one of the nicest Super Hero hats ever made. Deadpool became a quick favorite when the movie came out. Ryan’s attitude paired well with the style of the film, this style hat reflects the movie and can virtually match with any given outfit selection even including a suit and tie.

Number #3

Captain America`s Shield Design Ultra Slim Dual USB 6800mAh Power Bank Charger

For stylish charging on the go, Captain America offers up his shield to ensure the people of the world can watch as many cat videos as they please. The shield is made of an Aluminum alloy and is as durable as it is awesome. Warning: Shield will not stop a bullet.

Number #2

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn DELUXE Sequins Panty

Turn your girlfriend into one of the hottest cosplay actors this decade or on the other side of the table, treat your boyfriend to his most anticipated fantasy. Great as a Holloween costume or just if you feel like being awesome.

Number #1

Spider Super Hero Halloween Roleplay Costume

If your a guy seeing this, you may wonder. Will this gift suggestion benefit me? The answer is Yes in every way possible. Not only do you get to make your girlfriend grateful by getting her a super awesome costume. You also get to see her in it. She will feel obliged to show you some of her special powers by the end of night! Guaranteed!




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